Frequently Asked Questions



  • Is it safe to drink from your bottles?

    All of our products have valid Food Grade certificates and are BPA free.
  • What is your plan in terms of eco-sustainability?

    Our plastic bottles are 100% recyclabe. Besides that, we are promoting a continuous use of the bottles instead of using single-use plastics.
  • Can i wash my bottle in a washing machine?

    Yes, as long as the temperature doesn't exceed 50 degrees celsius.
  • Where are your products manufactured?

    All our products are made in Portugal, Europe.
  • Can I put my bottle in the micro-wave?

    No, it's not safe to put your bottle in the micro-wave.
  • What to do with plastic smell and taste?

    Some people have more sensibility to this than others. Please wash the bottle and the tip before the first use.

Bottle customization

  • Can I upload any image to use in my bottle?

    The customer has total responsability for the picture uploaded and must be sure that he owns the rights to use the picture. We recommend that you upload an image with the best quality and resolution possible so we can assure the best printing quality.
  • Can I use pictures with different colors or real photos?

    Yes! Our printing process allows any type of picture or real photo.
  • I would like more colours to customize my bottle.

    There will be more colors in the future to customize your bottle. If you can't wait for this, contact us for a special request.
  • I want to upload more than one picture. What can i do?

    Our bottle configurator only allows the upload of one picture. If you want to have more than one, please download our custom paint kit and edit it in the image software of your choice (MS Paint, Photoshop, Gimp or similar) and then upload the final artwork to our bottle configurator.